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If you havn't heard of:

New Order
The Who
Snow Patrol
Iggy Pop
The dandy Warhols - if you havn't sad.

then download them, some suck, some are alright, just tellin' yall about em'
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I am new here. My name is Andi. Nobody were I live listens to the same music as me. I have one friend however who lives about a half an hour away and when she and me get together we are completely insane. We both love Indie Rock, I also love Math Rock. We get together and share our new bands and contemperetes (can't spell sorry) , and their idols. Sometimes we even bring out my dad's old albums.
You all have probably heard the band ~ Hot Hot Heat ~ but I am in love with them they are an amazing Indie Rock / Low - Fi band. They are great, you should all download some of them :)

Not many people have posted here but...

Just incase none of your three or so know, there's a hot band in Louisville, KY that everyone should know about. They're called My Finest Hour and they are the shit. If you haven't heard of them, check 'em out and start keeping an eye out for when they come to a city near you!


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hey wow people are actually wanting to join. cool....

band to share: the all natural lemon and lime flavors

if u like the unicorns and electronic indie rock type stuff, u'll like these guys...


i hope lots of people join this community and write in it a lot so it can be ever so cool.
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Hey I just made this community, so im new a this whole thing. this community is for people to share their favorite indie rock bands with other members. so if you know an indie band and it's one of you favorites, join the community so you can post about it. it doesnt matter if it's not a band that no one has heard of, but the point is to share bands that you THINK not many people have heard of. so spread the love and have fun.

--lizzie, maintainer