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Hot New Bands

Hurray for Indie Rock!

Be in the know about all the hot new indie bands
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Hey, this is my community i made...

join it if you want to learn about new indie bands or just talk about indie rock etc.
if you want to join, thats awesome just skim over these rules real quick before you join:

1) if someone recommends a band in one of ur entries that you either think sucks, isn't indie rock, or just isn't a "fresh new band," dont yell at them in their comments or in an entry of yours. it's not their fault that you know more about indie rock than they do.

2) there is no 133t sp34k or sTiCkY CaPs shit in my community. none. nada.

3) go ahead and comment! this is a COMMUNITY so get to know and like these people, its fun.

4) just be respectful and nice. its simple and easy to do, and makes everyone happier.

ok now go ahead and join!!